Spacious Living for Two - Alexan Tempe's two-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

Spacious Living for Two

More than just roommates – enjoy privacy and personal space with a two-bedroom layout. At Alexan Tempe, the B2 luxury apartment floor plan makes it easy for you to live with someone else while keeping your own private space. This plan includes two large bedrooms and bathrooms spread over 1,298 SF, perfect for sharing with a roommate or family without feeling crowded. Spacious living for two is exactly what you’ll experience in each room of this apartment. You’ll find each room is big enough to fit all your stuff and still feel spacious. The apartment also features tall, nine-foot ceilings and stylish wood-vinyl plank flooring, adding a touch of elegance to your everyday living.

Space for Everyone

Having two bedrooms means you and your roommate or family can have your own personal areas. This setup is great because you can decorate your own space how you like it and have somewhere to go when you need some quiet time. The living room is right in the middle of the two bedrooms, which makes it perfect for spending time together. It’s spacious enough for cozy sofas where you can cuddle up for movie nights or a big table for hosting dinner parties with friends. This smart setup ensures that each bedroom remains private while giving everyone a nice space to gather and enjoy themselves.

Modern Touches That Make Life Easier

Our luxury apartments aren’t just about looking good – they’re about making life easier and more comfortable. In the B2 floor plan at Alexan Tempe, the high ceilings make your apartment feel even more open and airy. The wood-vinyl flooring in these apartments isn’t just stylish; it’s also easy to clean, which is excellent for people with busy lives. On top of that, these apartments have all the newest features that make your life even better, turning your home into a place you enjoy being in. Whether it’s the sleek floors or the fancy amenities, everything in these apartments is designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

A Home in the Heart of the Action

Living in Alexan Tempe puts you in a prime location, right where all the action is. Everything you want is pretty close by, whether you’re walking or driving. If you need to buy something, there are lots of stores nearby. If you’re hungry, you’ve got plenty of local restaurants to pick from. And if you just want to chill outside, there are lovely parks nearby too. Living in such a central place means you spend less time getting around and more time actually doing the things you enjoy.

Living at Alexan Tempe with our B2 floor plan offers more than just a luxury apartment; it provides a lifestyle upgrade. Whether you’re moving in with a friend or looking for a new family home, these apartments offer the perfect blend of community, privacy, and modern amenities. See for yourself why so many people love calling Alexan Tempe home. Schedule a tour today and discover how we can help elevate your everyday living. With spacious living for two, you’ll have plenty of room to relax and unwind.