Perfectly Living in Abundance - C1 floor plan

Perfectly Living in Abundance

Living in a place that’s both spacious and beautifully designed is every homeowner’s dream. When we discuss homes and their layouts, floor plans play a significant role. They provide an initial glimpse into the life you could lead in that space. Among the numerous options, Alexan Tempe’s C1 floor plan stands out. It’s a lifestyle waiting for you to experience. Have a look at perfectly living in abundance.

Space in Abundance

1,423 SF! That’s the generous amount of space the C1 floor plan offers. Every inch of this layout is there to give its residents the freedom to move, decorate, and live without constraints. Whether you’re a budding interior designer, an avid hobbyist needing extra space, or a working person looking to work from home, this floor plan accommodates all. Space isn’t merely a luxury; in today’s world, it’s a necessity. And the C1 layout understands that to the core.

Living with Fresh Air

Nature and fresh air play a crucial role in our well-being. While many homes offer a view, some of our select homes in this floor plan come with the luxury of a balcony. It’s a space where you can start your mornings with a cup of coffee, witnessing the sunrise. It’s a spot where you can unwind after a long day, feeling the cool breeze on your face. And if you’re someone who loves plants, it’s a mini-garden waiting for your touch. This balcony adds a touch of nature to urban living, ensuring that you’re never too far from the outdoors.

Perfectly Balanced

While space is essential, the distribution of that space is equally critical. The C1 floor plan impressively offers three bedrooms, making it perfect for couples, roommates, or even individuals who want extra rooms for guests or personal projects. Two bathrooms ensure that there’s never a rush in the morning or wait times during gatherings. It’s the kind of balance most homeowners seek but rarely find. The C1 layout ensures that every resident has their own corner while also offering communal areas to come together.

Perfectly living in abundance is the staple here at Alexan Tempe. Schedule a tour of our C1 floor plan today!